Company and Charity Audits

Audits give owners and shareholders a clear understanding of their businesses financial position and are needed to report to regulatory bodies such as the HMRC, banks and other financial institutions.

We can help by:

  • Preparing accounts and statutory audits
  • Bookkeeping, saving you time and money
  • Corporate Compliance
  • Company law and director’s responsibilities

Please note, that most companies do not need an audit. You are exempt if you satisfy the following.

  • qualify as a small company
  • have a turnover of no more than £X million
  • have a balance sheet total of no more than £Y million

The numbers X and Y change from year to year but as we are talking in millions of pounds of turnover and assets its unlikely you will need an audit for your limited company.

The criteria for charity audits is different. Please contact us for advice as this information can get dated and no advice is better than bad advice.

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