Start up business help

Anyone starting in business needs a special kind of service and we are experts in giving this. As members of the ICAEW Business Advice Service and Sheffield Chamber of Commerce mentors we know the challenges that exist for anyone trying to start a business when the economy is struggling.

Once the decision has been made to start a business it is always a wise to compare the alternative strategies available.

Questions we can help you with:

  • Should the business be a company or would beginning as a sole trader or a partnership be more cost efficient?
  • Should the business be VAT registered and if so what VAT schemes should be adopted.
  • Would a flat-rate system be better?
  • Does cash accounting make sense for my business?
  • How should directors extract funds or put money into the new entity and what will be the tax consequences?
  • Are you really prepared to decide all this for yourself or take a friends advice?
  • The man in the pub may be best mates with his accountant but does he or she really have the qualifications, continuous training and experience to back that up?
  • Is your business plan sound? What about your cash flow forecast?

      There could never be a more dangerous stage at which to miss out on the advice of an expert. We offer a free initial consultation. Contact us for more details.

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